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Fire Fighting Equipments & Accessories

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Fire Fighting Equipments & Accessories.

It is made of polyamide fabric coated with viton and butyl rubber on the outside with a polymer barrier laminated inside. It is impact/chemical resistant having a transparent visor with a ventilator valve.

Aluminized Fire Proximity and Entry Suits:

These are multilayered, aluminized, fibre glass fire suits, developed with guidence and assistance from DIFR and approved by them. The inner most layer is made from Flame retardant fibre. FRP helmett and wises in the hood has gold vapourized polycarbonate mica sheets. It consists of hood, a pair of hand gloves, pouch for possessioning of BA sets and a pair of shoes with antiskid soles.

Light-Weight Fire Suits:

These are multilayered fire suits, specially designed in light-weight for comfortability. The outer layer is tough and first defence against flame lick and heat. The second layer is the moisture barrier, protecting against water and chemicals, and the inner layer is the thermal barrier, protecting against heat.