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About Us - Celebrating 25 Glorious years !!!!

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We have much pleasure in introducing ourselves as an organisation which provides One stop solution for all your fire protection needs was established in the year 1993, by Mr. S. N. Dhar, an engineer, specialized in the field of fire protection engineering (presently possessing an experience of fifty years in this industry), solely for the purpose of providing quality protection to life & property from 'Fire Hazards' and

thereby contributing towards building a world that is safer and more secure. Accredited by an ISI certification, we have gained immense recognition across the country for supplying & installing a wide range of Fire Protection Products. The entire range is of optimum quality, and is oriented towards high performance and functionality.

We provide Complete Fire Protection Solutions(Active & Passive) to the domestic, commercial & industrial sectors.

We are presently dealing in an entire range of Ceasefire Brand of ISI marked & indigenous products & their services, which are detailed as under :

Assorted Portable & Trolley mounted Fire Extinguishers & Accessories including the latest range of ABC Powder, Clean Agent & Modular Automatic Stored Pressure type Fire Extinguishers ISI marked, which can be applied to extinguish any class of 'Fire'i.e. “A”, “B”, “C”, “E” & also “D” & “F” classes.

Fire Hydrant System including Water Sprinkler System.- Suitable for protection against ' A ' class 'Fire Hazard' - industries dealing in paper, plastic, wood, cotton, jute products, etc.

CO2 System ( Total Flooding / Local Application ).- Suitable for Protection of Data/Server/Archive Rooms/ Sophisticated equipments, Electrical Meter Room, Switch Gear Room, Transformer Room, Turbine etc..

FM 200 & Novec Gas Based Suppression Systems - Suitable for Protection of Data/Server/Archive Rooms/ Sophisticated equipments etc.

Foam Fixed Installation System. - Suitable for protection against ' B ' class 'Fire Hazard' - industries dealing in chemicals, paints, solvents, petroleum products etc.

Dry Chemical Powder ( DCP ), ABC Powder type Modular Systems. - Standalone type Fire Extinguisher ( fixed installation ), fitted with Sprinkler - Suitable for protection of Electrical Meter Room, Generator Room, Lift Machine Room etc

Automatic & Manual Fire Alarm (Conventional & Addressable types) with Public Address & Talk Back Systems. - For Detection of 'Fire Hazard' in unmanned areas especially during the night hours.

Ceasefire - An authorized dealer of an entire range of Ceasefire Brand of Fire Extinguisher, Equipment, Refill, Systems, Accessories & Safety Equipments.